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    In 1998, concerned about the small number of women choosing technical careers, Pat Winter got together a group of professional women working in science and engineering and created BE WiSE (Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering).

   SWE - San Diego has been involved from the start. BE WiSE is also supported by AWIS - San Diego and the San Diego Science Educators Association

    BE WiSE invites girls in grades 7 and 8 to apply to take part in Science Overnights where they will explore their interest in science. After their initial overnight, BE WiSE hosts events for BE WiSE girls in high school to allow them to learn more about the many fields of science and engineering. The program encourages girls to select more courses in science and math. It also exposes the girls to adult women scientists and engineers who share their career experiences with them. Events are scheduled throughout the academic year and during the summer.

BE WiSE Program Funders

BE WiSE January 27, 2015 Fundraiser

BE WiSE Project Director, Karen Overklift
SDSA Executive Director, Ellen Peneski

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