Whodunit? Overnight
30 Apr 1999
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center


Preliminaries - The BEWiSE Program gets off the ground (8/98):

Participants in a brainstorming session recalled that the Fleet Science Center, for several years, held a "Girls' Science Camp-In", a two-day/one-night event for 7th and 8th graders. Girls were selected after evaluation of a two-page essay, a letter of recomendation from a teacher, and a parental consent letter. There was no charge to the campers. Funds came from the San Diego Science Educators Association but no funds were available now.

We decided that we should put this program back into place. Funds would be donated by SDSA companies and women scientists and engineers would volunteer as instructors and role models. We would accept 30 girls. A target date in the spring of 1999 for the first BEWiSE Overnight was selected. We would take advantage of "Whodunt? The Science of Solving Crime" and exhibit already planned to be in place at the Science Center. The girls would have to write a one-page essay on either "What are your ideas about how Science or Engineering could be used to solve a crime?" or "Describe how Science or Engineering may affect our lives in the future." Lynne Kennedy, Director of Education at the Science Center, was our museum contact person.

Planning - Determining the details (Fall & Winter, 98-99):

Monetary commitments came from several companies and foundations. (See About SDSA Page.)

Timetable: Schedule would be: An icebreaker activity, dinner, a keynote speaker, workshops, wrap-up, free time in the museum, sleep, wake-up, breakfast, fill out evaluation forms, parent pick-up. Breakfast (bagels, cream cheese, juice, milk, coffee, and paper products) was donated. Dinner and snacks (chips & dip, salad, sandwiches, cookies, pop & water, nuts, raisins, candy) was purchased with donated funds. Women scientists and engineers from SWE, NSBE, GWIS, AWIS, and SDSA companies as well as members of the local student sections of SWE, etc. would volunteer.

Finalizing - Selecting the girls and firming-up the schedule (Late Winter & Early Spring, 1999):

We received applications from over 120 girls representing 30 schools so we decided to select one from each school.

* Keynote Speaker:
Nancy Vonasek Farrar, Chula Vista Police Dept. Crime Lab, on Collecting and Preserving Samples from a Murder Scene.

* Workshop Speakers would be:

Also: A poster and t-shirts were designed and printed. Everyone (kids and adults) got a T-shirt. Students all got folders full of info. Nametags were made. Lanyards for the nametags were purchased. The Web site was set up.

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