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Photo © Bill Everitt [Lepthien, 1991]
Defenders of Wildlife - Highest Degree of Endangerment

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The Genetic Conservation

of the Mexican Gray Wolf

( Canis lupus baileyi )

The Mexican Gray is one of 24 subspecies of Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) recognized in North America. He is the smallest of the Grays and shouldn't be confused with the Red Wolf (Canis rufus), an even smaller and entirely different species of canine. As can be seen from the map, Lobos' historic range is the most southern and covers more of Mexico than any other Gray Wolf.

Map of N. A [Mech, 1970]

[Map of North America]
1. C.l. alces2. C.l. arctos 3. C.l. baileyi
4. C.l. beothucus5. C.l. bernardi 6. C.l. columbianus
7. C.l. crassodon8. C.l. fuscus 9. C.l. hudsonicus
10. C.l. griseoalbus11. C.l. irremotus 12. C.l. labrsdorius
13. C.l. ligoni14. C.l. lycaon 15. C.l. mackenzii
16. C.l. manningi17.C.l. mogollonensis 18. C.l. monstrabilis
19. C.l. nubilus20. C.l. occidentalis 21. C.l. orion
22. C.l. pambasileus23. C.l. tundrarum 24. C.l. youngi
While the reintroduction of some subspecies has received a lot of attention, Los Lobos have been, for the most part, ignored until quite recently, possibly because of their "south-of-the-border" habitat.
Their Natural History
Their Disappearance
Their Current Status & Genetics
Their Husbandry & Captive Breeding
Their Uncertain Future

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